Name this behavior? Is he serious right now? Wtf?

Wow my boyfriend broke up with me because I got crazy on him. Mind you he has been crazy to me numerous times where he destoyed my car yet I still handled him. I think he just wants me to kiss his ass and chase him. Im at the hospital, my second mom is dying and he knows. He says sorry for your loss and as I'm standing here by her while she's dying.. he calls me and says either you leave and come talk to me about us or I wish you the best. I said wish you the. Best too as I'm crying over her. He says you aren't a bad person you just got attitude... I gogta have attitude to deal with his crazy ass. How could he? You think he's doing this for attention? I mean if you really are done with me why ask me to come now and talk or else he's gone. I think he just wants power. Fuck him!


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  • Honestly sounds like an inconsiderate loser that is very self centered

    • here's the thing I always got mad at him for disrespecting me and now that I disrespect him bc I lost respect obviously for his behavior, now its like he wants the spot light. He even said... you see how you are crying? That was me when you left me. Wow

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    • Being that it's not his mom I can understand that not being his #1 priority, but he should still have some level of respect. not only you and your feelings, but also your mom

    • Yes! Any other time but now. He is choosing my most vulnerable moment to bring this to me bc he probably thinks ill comply. That's a low and selfish thing to do.

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  • He's definitely childish

    • Even a 16 year old finds that childish. Jeez. I mean he is doing it for attention right? Wants me to crawl and kiss his ass? Thats how i see it.

    • Yeah he's doing it for attention. He clearly wants you to focus on him and him only which is stupid asf.

    • He was so concerned as to what my response was. I was crying over my second mom and he goes what's your decision... I said I'm at the hospital. He goes so I guess this is over? Well wtf you broke up with me. I said I guess so. He goes what? Like he was concerned. I'm like yes bye

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  • More red flags than a Chinese military parade. Dump him and never look back

  • I would stab him if it wasn't illegal

    • He told me "oh you wouldn't want to be with me anymore... I'm gonna be an asshole bc you disrespected me. I'm gonna want you to do whatever I ask you to do but I don't want you to think I am forcing you so its best we not be together" im like wow this asshole is really trying to control me by saying if you want to be with me you got to do what I ask. I dont even think this is about me hurting his feelings. This sounds like he is using the break up to create me to his little bitch.

    • Create me into his little bitch*

    • I dont even know why I am so worried that he is not going to come back. I know no woman will ever put up with him like I did. He also told me "as my woman you should be there for me but you abandoned me when I was in jail." Wow! So every time he commits a crime I have to baby him? Dont commit the crime and won't do the time. I mean jeez I would think by him being a grown up, he knows that.

  • Attention, don't go back to him

    • Do you think he will try to come back?

    • probably, thats why u have to be strong

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