How do you feel when someone completely changes after you break up? My ex did a complete 180 and I don't know how to feel? Is this really him?

Or is he the person he was when he was with me? Now he's a total douche. Flirts with everyone parties all the time. He's been single for a year so I thought things would slow down but nope. He is not even close to the person I once loved. But then again we don't talk at all. And all I know about him is what's posted on social media. I don't know. It's just shocking. Anyone else have this happen?


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  • If he's single why WOULDN'T he be flirting and partying?

    For me i don't really care, ex's are past and beyond normal friendship they can do what they want with their lives.

    • Ya I get that for sure! But I'm just confused because he was the complete opposite of that his entire life and throughout our relationship. he has the right to do whatever he wants it just makes me question who he REALLY is.

    • Who knows, maybe having been a relationship means he now has the confidence to go and be *that* guy, instead of one who sits on the side of the party and watches him.

      There isn't any need to question it, it sounds like he's just come out of his shell.

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  • Darling you shouldn't worry of who he is now or was when he was with you.
    When he was with you, he probably was exactly who he was and he was happy with his life as it was.
    As for now. Yes he might be completely different but that doesn't make him different from the one you grew to know. Your memories, your moments and everything you experienced together will stay the same. So if he is changed or changed when he was with you. He is doing it on he's own will and shouldn't question his character. Cheriesh you time together.
    It's been a year. He has moved on. Maybe you should too. Let the past be the past, and live in the present.
    Regardless of who he is. He is content being whoever he is. Don't read too much into it. It'll just twist your thoughts.


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  • Pain changes people.
    What do u care now, he's your ex. he's not yours anymore.

  • that's not possible


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