Break up for another girl? Or something else?

So I had been dating this guy for over a year, we seemed to be getting along just great. He talked about all the fun stuff we're going to do, and how he loves spending time together, exc. Over the summer, we started arguing a lot, and called each other to figure out what to do, if we needed to take a break or not. We ended up agreeing that we're just stressed, and we'd work it out. So for the next two months we were great, no arguing at all. He had a week long church camp come up where you can't bring your phone, so we saw each other two days before he left, and we hugged and kissed and said how much we were going to miss each other. The week went by, and the day he got back, he tried breaking up over text. I called him asking what was happening, and he gave me vague reasons as to why he was breaking up so spontaneously. To this day he can't tell me exactly why. Then, I found out that he started dating another girl younger than, and who's family has done drugs and stuff, only about two weeks after we broke up. I know she goes to the same church as him and probably went to the camp with him. And getting into a relationship with someone only two weeks after breaking up with someone who he had dated for over a year seems incredibly fast. I think he broke up with me so he could date her, since she's more of the drug party type, and he's always liked doing stupid stuff too, while I've always been the "goody-two shoes" of the friend group. I just want other people's opinion on why he might have randomly broken up with barely any reasons, and is dating someone else so fast and immature. Thanks for reading!!


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  • It sounds like you to enjoyed each other very much bet recently it was a bit rough, although you seemed to have worked it out. During that he may have seen some things about your personality and how you live your life. Not bad things, but just things that differ from his view such as your avoidence of drugs and those type of parties. Maybe he felt that well you two had great chemistry together, he didn't feel that your Lifestyles maybe sit as well as they could have with someone else. You are definitely doing the right thing and staying out of all of that, and I applaud you for putting up with him as he has dabbled in that himself. I know how you feel as a similar situation has happened to me and two weeks is a very short time and you are probably correct that they met and hit it off at church camp together. That said if I'm being honest he doesn't sound like the type of person for you or the type of person that you want to be spending a lot of time around if he is into making bad decisions that will affect him later down the road. I know it is tough to see something like that go away so fast and for him to move on so fast and self and I know just how you feel but if he is someone who can move on that fast then personally would raise questions about their commitment towards the end of the relationship anyway. I believe you're better off now so that you don't get roped into those bad scenarios but I feel your pain. You are doing everything right but, sometimes it just doesn't work out

    • Thank you so much for the help. It helps having someone else's opinion instead of friends who will just side with you no matter what. Thank you so much. :-)

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    • Eh. Annoyed, but happy I'm not dealing with someone like him anymore I guess. I've got to go, so thank you so much for your advice. It really means a lot to me to hear someone else opinion. Maybe I'll message you later. Thank you again! :-D

    • Yep! Glad my opinion was worthwhile to you

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