Someone help me!! What do I do?

So I'm going to grade 10 and I need to kno what I want to be when I grow up, I wouldn't say I'm smart in school, I don't get high marks, but I get okay marks like 60s and 70s, I've always wanted to be a doctor or like a nurse, something in the medical field but I think I'm too dumb and I also need to have high marks. And I don't know what I want to be now, I don't know what to do😫😭😫😭


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  • First: you don't need to know what you want to be when you grow up in grade 10. I've heard it said that 90% of college students change what they want to do as a career during their college studies; I was one of them, changing from engineering to teaching. If you can change easily in college, why rush to make a decision now?

    Second: you can absolutely improve your grades. High school grades are 80% effort, 20% brains. The reason the top student in the class is the top student in the class is mostly because they study more than you, not because they're smarter. You are capable of getting better grades! I would ask your teachers how to improve your grades; I would try to find a friend who also gets good grades and observe how she prepares for class, and try to copy her. When a poor student tries to improve their grades, the hard part isn't working hard for a day--it's easy to do a lot of work in a day--the hard part is maintaining that level of effort for an entire semester. Get support, and believe in yourself, because you are capable.

    Finally, nursing actually isn't that hard. It's not easy, but there isn't some huge queue to get into nursing school the way that there is for medical school. For now, aim to be a nurse; but see what you can accomplish this year if you actually put down the phone and push yourself.

    • Wooow thank you so much!❤️ this is so helpful, you're the only person that actually gave me a good answer, others said become an actor and act like a doctor and others said just study harder, once again thank u so much

  • Study harder.

    • I tried!!!

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    • I also just wanted to mention that it should even get a little easier for you because science classes in 9th grade are a little fuzzier. Math and the 10th grade is often geometry and that can be a little hard because that is more of an art due to having to do proofs. Things like algebra and trigonometry are a little bit easier. Science in 10th grade is like biology and that can be tougher. However if you want to be a doctor or a nurse you need to study biology and then later chemistry.

    • Ohhh okay, thank you so much

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