Should I Try Again?

So there's this guy. I know, the most cliche way to start this off. I met him year ago through my brother. They're both in the same boy scout troop. Let's call this guy Josh (not his real name, but go with it) The conversation we had for the last couple years were a mix of flirtatious bickering. You know when a guy and girl say they hate each other but actual love each other. Well that's what it was like for me. Finally, I got the nerve to start talking to him as a friend and I sent him a dm on Instagram. The conversation led to me giving him my number and we texted for about two weeks before we became a "thing", his words. Because he worked at camp for the entire summer, we only got to see each other once. It was super awkward too. He told me he loved me in less than 24 hours of when we made it official. *cringe* About a week into this "relationship", I tried to break it off and we defined us as a casual relationship. He had a tendency to ask for nudes a lot and would get mad if I declined. My best friend didn't approve, lol. Eventually, I ended the entire relationship. Honestly, it wasn't because he was clingy, it was because I think I have some underlying intimacy issues that prevent me from getting close to people. It used to be really hard for me to talk about the guys I like with my parents and other family members. But I started with my mom, then my aunt and cousins, and eventually told my dad which was really scary for me. It terrified me to think about going on a date with this guy and I don't know why.
So know that you know the story, you should know I still text Josh. It's occasional and never lasts that long. But I've started to miss him. I had been thinking about all day and when he texted me, I got super happy. I'm not sure if I should tell him that I miss him or try to ask him out again. I also want to wait to actually commit to a relationship until I move out and start school but I might just be making excused not to date at all.
Opinions? Thoughts?


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  • Take what you want and chase it, you're doing perfect. Take what comes naturally and you're gold


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