Thoughts on Break up sex?

My boyfriend broke up with me and while I was crying he kissed me and we ended up having sex. Is that weird? Is break up sex really a thing? Why?


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  • Breakup sex, just like any sex between two consenting adults, is perfectly okay and normal.

    It's even probably one of the best things to do, in the event of a mutual breakup.

    It allows you to get a form of closure on the relationship.

    It allows you to properly say goodbye to each other, in more ways than just verbally.

    It also allows your last moments spent in the relationship, to be sweet and pleasurable memories, rather than memories of a violent, dramatic or abusive breakup.

    You were both mature enough to understand that there were irreconcilable differences in the relationship, and mature enough to step away from that before it became too toxic to both of you.

    Be confident in your decision, and try not to overthink it, or doubt yourself.

    In the coming weeks you may experience days where you feel extra sad, or even unsure, about the decision to breakup. This will pass with time.

    Or you may continue to feel perfectly okay about it. This is a completely normal reaction too.

    I wish you all the best.


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  • Well unless your ex boyfriend is a ghost I would say yeah break up sex is a real thing.

  • Yup its nrml... even after break up you have feelings for eachother. So its nrml... i had 4 breakup nd ended up having breakup sex wd 2 for an year

  • I've heard of Make-up sex but never Break-up sex


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