Why do I still care about my ex?

My ex and I don't talk anymore. School is starting up again soon and I know I'm going to be seeing her all the time.

Me and her do a lot of the same stuff (both into music, gaming, etc.) so I know that I'll be around her a LOT.

My question is why do I still care about her. She broke up with me and has been rude to me time and time again and always tells me that it's my fault. She's called me a "cock blocker" and said that I don't care about "her, but rather the attention she gives me."

In actuality I care about her a LOT. And it scares me because I'm pretty sure she doesn't give a crap about me. Even if she did, I'm fairly sure she'd drink a gallon of bleach before admitting it.

So what do I do. This girl is never coming back but I still care for her just as much as I did when I was in a relationship with her. I'm not proud to say it but if she suddenly just came back and said "I miss you, lets try again," I'd take her back in a heartbeat.

It's been eight months and while she's clearly over me, I feel like I'm not even close to home with that feeling. And it's been frustrating me/making me cry for what feels like an eternity.

Why do I still care about someone who clearly doesn't care about me?


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  • You haven't moved on


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