Can I share my ex-love story with my husband?

I loved a guy when I was studying but he dumped me and married another girl. Now i am married recently to a very nice guy and we both are living very happily. My EX has come back and saying I wanna be friend with you again.. should I share my ex love story with my husband.. he never hides anything from me.. do men take their wives ex-love story easily?.. any suggestions please

Yes I did have sex with my ex.. but I know I can't share it with him.. but I want him to know I had an affair


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  • I advice to keep it up to you otherwise, it could be created problems, because now you are married couple.

  • Have you ever had sex with your ex-? Because if you tell your story to your husband, he must will ask about it.

    • Does that matter? jw

    • Yes that's matter if you had sex with your ex, then your husband would go mad.

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