Ex girlfriend wanting my attention. How do I deal with it?

She broke up with me more than 3 months ago and said she needed space. I respected it and went straight into no contact. I think she expected me to chase but I didn't. She played a lot of mind games with me. She is usually hot and cold. Friendly one day then cold and bitter the next. I see her a lot as we go to the same gym. She has attempted to make me jealous and she always stares at me. It kinda bothers me quite a bit. But i always act indifferent

Two fridays ago, She puts her bag next to mine (she always does this). I was topless at the gym and she makes a comment saying i'm giving everyone a free show. I responded the show was only for her. She playfully told me she thought that it wasn't nice. Tried to talk to me after the gym class but I was busy with more workouts.

The following Tuesday, she comes to the gym, bag still next to mine. Ignores me completely. Looks as if I did something wrong. My friend that she had met when she was with me, comes into the gym and she greets him. I'm like wtf. I didn't say anything.

So I see her again on Thursday, calls me over and asks me why I don't say "hi" to her anymore. I'm like wtf again. Talks to me a little bit about the workout during the class and how to do it. But last week Friday, she was quite supportive of me as I have a fitness competition so she did watch me train with others. Thoughts?

what is she doing and why is she playing these games? it's annoying


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  • She's flirted and tried to get your attention and you've rebuffed it (by being busy working out) so she stays away. Until she tries again and it continues

    • Why would she ignore me though the following day?

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    • I didn't ignore her. Getting ready for a competition so my coach got me to do extra training. She waited around. I wasn't trying to ignore.

    • I get that it wasn't your intention, but from her side that's what happened. Either stop engaging in her flirtation or just put in on the line and ask her what she wants

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  • Make up your mind. Seriously, make up your mind.
    Why do you care if she says hi, talks to you or even puts her bag next to yours. If she was insignificant and just a stain on the wall you wouldn't care.
    So either you handle her being around you and trying to get close to you or play with you, or you just can't.
    If you dont want anything at all with her then you just say hi out of being polite and move on, nothing more. Which is what I would do.


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