Do you think what I am doing is right?


So a month ago I came out of a relationship and I'm kinda worried right now.

My ex has a younger brother about my age ( my ex was 4 years older than me )

and he hates him so bad that I don't understand why.

My ex and I are just cool friends now and he told me that if I get into contact with his brother I can totally forget about our friendship

now my exes brother and I know each other for long ( without me knowing those two are siblings ) and I kinda got a little involved with him.

we chill almost every weekend and our friendship is getting stronger ( our feelings for each other too ).

Now he asked me if I would date him and I told him that I will think about it.

So thing is I am real unsure if it would be a bad thing to date him ( because of my ex ). I don't want to hurt both their feelings...

i am really confused :( I don't know what to do :(


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  • You just have to think about which frienship you want the most. But if you and the new guy break up in a bad way, you will have neither of them.


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