Ex boyfriend problems I guess?

so basically my ex and i should have been strictly friends w/ benefits in the first place. We more lusted over then loved, and i think i liked him WAY more then he liked me. He never really made an effort which was why i broke up with him in the first place. We ARE still friends now though, which im happy about because it would have been worse for me if i lost a friend as well lol. But anyway, Its been two months and im over him now... my heart doesn't beat when he texts me or when i see him. Im still incredibly attracted to him because to me he's so hot lol but im getting a little annoyed that there's a girl in the picture now. he's not dating anyone but he always hangs with this pretty girl. For some reason, i feel a little hurt even though im over him. I guess its because i wish he treated me better and like he actually liked me, and now that he has a girl im a little jealous that he's treating her like that when he never treated me like that? Does that make sense? It kind of hurts. Is it normal to feel this way?


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  • First mistakes is thinking you guys are "Friends". Especially after sex. This dynamic simply does not work.

    • Well maybe not necessarily "friends". We are friendLY and are okay with each other if we were to see each other in person. We have the same group of friends so its going to happen. And we do occasionally talk to see how the other is doing

  • It means you're pathetic

  • Leave him


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