Right so I was seèing this guy oŕ about 2 weeks. b4 that we had been talking a while he ended it saying that he needed to get his head clear that he?

Has never not had a woman in his life I got hurt by that but he made me me genuinely think we had a future he was on about meeting parents etc I may of told him to fuck off and block me which he has done but I feel so broken used he's living with a girl who says there only friends I think there is more going on but surely if hee cared about me at all


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  • You know, it happens. You did the right thing by telling him off and not buying the whole "get his head clear" line. It's not fun to be used or discarded and I understand that, but the thing is, you're in your peak mating/dating age. There are so many guys out there and thousands of them would want to take you out. I know it's easy for an outsider to say, but you should forget about him and not give him another thought.


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