My fella had sex with his ex!

Was seeing this guy for 6 months he admitted to sleeping with his ex the other day 2 months into out relationship.

He was always ringing and texting his ex daily saying he only kept in touch because of her kids who are 17.

I dumped him and feel a fool

Was my gut instinct right in dumping him

He said he wanted me not her


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  • Yes, your gut instinct was right.

    If he wants you so bad, why did he seek her out to hav sex?

    You're not her, so having sex with her wouldn't equate to you.

    I'd say more than anything he's confused, but that is sometimes more dangerous than someone who doesn't want you.

    At least if they don't want you, it's a sure thing.


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  • If he wanted you not her then why did he have sex with her? Doesn't make any sense. He was just trying to say anything to cover his ass and not lose you.

    You absolutely did the right thing in dumping him.

  • hey...yeah you did the right thing. It might be possible that he wanted you not her but he cheated on u. So you should move on bcoz if he can sleep with her then he can do it again with someone else.

    Take care


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  • oh god another pig and the world! You did the right thing!

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