Should I send a letter to my ex?

Me and my ex broke up a few months ago. We were in contact a couple times but it always ended in chaos. He tried apologizing a few days ago but said something that upset me so I overreacted and yelled at him. There are a few things I want to tell him... that it's okay and I forgive him. I want to say goodbye and wish him well properly but I feel like it'll just end in chaos again if I text him. I still care about him even though he acted shitty post breakup. I want to ease things, so I feel like writing a letter from heart might be the best idea because I can sit down and think about what I really want to say instead of acting on impulse. Is it okay to do so?
There's no intention of getting back together, maybe becoming friends if anything, I just don't want there to be any hard feelings between us. He's a good person. Sometimes people are good, just not for each other...


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  • Write a letter but do not send it to him. Write your feelings into a journal instead of sending him sad sappy love letters that will not matter because it will all end in chaos just like you said.


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