Does he want to get back together?

My boyfriend of a few months broke up with me two days ago. Things had been weird between us for a few days and he finally said it was because I am going abroad to Europe in four months and he would rather break up now than later when he is more attached. I didn't agree with his reasoning, but I didn't really fight him because I thought that was what he wanted. He kept saying he would still really like me and by the end of the breakup we were both crying. Now I feel like I let him go too easily and I really want to get back together, but I don't want to seem desperate. Right now, I'm just giving him space, but of course it's hard because we go to school together. Does it seem like he would be interested in getting back together or should I just try to move on? I'm confused and sad!


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  • Move on. He left you because it is not working out for him. :/ sorry


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