Girls, should I tell her or not???

I got drunk and cheated on my girlfriend (we've been together for a long time) and told her everything about that, but what I didn't tell her is that earlier that night I almost cheated on her with another girl too, but nothing happened. Should I tell her about that too? Or is it enough with telling her everything about the girl I did cheat on her?. Would you like your boyfriend to tell you?

Thanks :(


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  • If you tell her now, she will be suspicious in the future that you're not telling her the whole truth. The fact of the matter is, you didn't cheat with the other girl, regardless of how close you came. Are you you more concerned about getting it off your chest and shedding the guilt, or about the happiness of your girlfriend? No harm no foul. Don't kick her when she's down.


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  • of course I would like my boyfriend to be honest with me, already gave her a heartbreaker. throwing another punch in there while she is already down, may be a bit too much.

    • That's what I want to know...I mean...I told her what I really find relevant, because I can't hide something like that, but the other thing...since nothing happened...I don't know if it would be relevant for her or not...

  • Tell her. She deserves you to be honest...Thts the least you can do after what you did. yes, people make mistakes, but if she doesn't forgive u, you better deal with it. Because you did this, don't freak out at her if she dumps you or breaks it off. Ur mistake, tell her. Own up to it and be a man.

  • i like my boyfriend to be completely honest with me, and he is. how did she react when you told her you got drunk and cheated on her? I would personally tell her everything. she's going to be upset but at least she knows and its off your shoulders. and since yall have been together for a long time you should think about why the hell you would almost cheat and cheat on her in the first place. if you can't hold your alcohol, don't drink. but tell her. its goint to hurt you, and its going to hurt her, but be truthful about everything with her because you probably want her to be truthful with you about things as well.

    • It was the worst thing that has ever happened to her...and I'm afraid to just make it worse by telling her the other thing when nothing really happened...but I don't know if it would be relevant for her to know or maybe she would rather not know.

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    • I know I am :( it was just that time, everything before that had been perfect, I don't know what happened :( Thanks for the answer

    • Your welcome. I know you feel bad but seriously if you can't control yourself when you drink, you probably shouldn't drink. I boyfriend used to drink. and I know his stories on what he did before he got with me and I told him if he drank again id leave him because I won't put up with the thought of him cheating on me and having to tell me. so he doesn't drink. if you love her and she loves you, preventing yourself from making that mistake again would be the best thing for you.

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  • There is no absolution here.

    If you tell her it's the end. This is guilt you have to carry alone, and you take it to the grave. Perhaps it will keep you from EVER cheating again.

    Telling her is just as bad as cheating again...jeeze grow a pair and be a man for once.

    WTF do you think you're doing? There is a difference between being single, and being in a relationship. If you can't see it, then stop wasting her time. Love means SHE is your focus...not your desires.

  • 1.You did hurt her by cheating.

    2. You did hurt her by telling her you cheated.

    3. Now you want to hurt her by telling her you cheated even more than you told.

    How did she wrong you to get you to the point of wanting to hurt her three times?


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