Is anxiety issue really bad?

my friend got this issue since a month ago and I don't know about this kind of issue can attack her really bad. she can still laughing and did a lot of activity like normal people. But when the night comes, she act like want to die really soon and she won't to get sleep just because she feel so scared about die. I want her back to normal life again. Anyone have a same story like me?


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  • I don't know, i think that anxiety issue is really bad
    I had a friend that suffered from "anxiety attacks" and he can't even move from his bed. I think it's better to look for professional help, maybe it would help, but only if the person with the problem agree, you can't force anyone to do something they don't want.

    • she already went to doctor and the doctor said there was nothing trouble in her body.

    • Maybe with a psychologist, to talk about her anxiety, because is more like a "mind" problem (i'm not saying she's crazy) but sometimes the mind have the power to make you believe in things that are not real, and a psychologist can help with that, to talk with someone.

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