My ex's friend texted me?

I broke up with my ex boyfriend few months ago , Few days ago i saw his friend so i just say hi to him When i back home i got a massage from my ex's friend tilling me that when he saw me He rememberd his ex girlfriend and that they also broke up i asked him if he want me to talk to her if they still love each others but he said no and then we start talking about other stuff , he almost talks to me every day , last time we were talking and he tills me that he is going out with my ex boyfriend

i dont know what should i do?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Maybe he likes u

  • He's gay so what?


What Girls Said 1

  • Omg, do not fall for this shit. Bros before hos. I am not saying you're a ho. But I am saying is maybe your ex is using his friend to spy on you or test you. Do not fall for this shit. Be his friend but nothing else. Or else you will be the topic of their conversations. It will not be good.


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