can't get over my ex?

He broke up with me like 2 years ago. I died. Like he freaking destroyed my soul. Like in one day I literally went from the happy, optimistic, confident girl, to the self conscious, not caring about anything, peice of trash. So I hated him and we avoided each other for like a year. Then he randomly decided to be friends. We became good friends, but I fell in love with him all over again. We pretend nothing ever happened between us and when someone brings us up, he gets awkward and I say like"Ew!" I insult him a lot to hide my crush. I don't think he likes me, he's had other girlfriends since me. I tried rebound boyfriends, it doesn't work. I've written poems about him for goodness sake, like kms. I just don't know what to do, like ugh! Sry it's so long. please help!


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  • You'll never get over it but you'll learn to live with it. I've written songs about past lovers, it helped to get over them. A new guy will come along that will blow your mind. Just keep meeting people.


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