What's up with this guy?

i met this kid Justin last may, and I didn't like him at first. anyway when I needed him he was there. and we started talking and age has always been an issue. anyway we were always together everyday last summer and he used to tell me he loved me and things a girl would say to a guy they like. I was very flattered that I found someone just like me. he has had bad relationships in the past where his girlfriends cheated on him and that really hurt him. he is different from any guy I met. I feel like we’re made for each other. and being with him I never get sick of him and we never fight. he told me we could wait until I was legal. we've been through months without talking but we still end up finding each other. he's not the type of guy to date around either. he honestly isn't looking to hurt me. but I have no idea what he thinks. his actions show that he really cares about me. but he says he wants to be just friends and that I'm a great person and he trusts me. I don't understand because how does someone go from being so in love with me, to wanting to be just friends. I'm a type of person to believe in signs and boy, I've had so many signs to be with him. I'm so confused and I've never felt this way. it's been more than a year and my feelings haven't changed. I'm not sure if I should wait and see, or talk to him. I have no idea what I should do. I know guys aren't too keen when showing or telling you their feelings. however I can't keep guessing, I just want to know if it's worth it. I feel like it is, but I don't want to be a let down. help!


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  • he's waiting for you to be legal before moving further so take the relationship for what it is until that day...he doesn't want to rush and do something he might regret until then

  • The first red flag for me was the whole you're not legal thing. How old is this guy?


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