Some kind of headache?

I'm one of those people who usually never gets any headache. Not even when I'm sick. But sometimes I get this strange feeling on the left side of my head which hurts. Is it some kind of headache?

It hurts for 10 minutes or less and then it fades away but comes back after a few weeks and then repeats.

When I touch on that spot I feel a little bump, I have got a little bump on the right side too but the left side is much bigger.

Is it something I should worry about?

I googled it and stuff like cancer tumors came up, and I'm a little scared right now.. :(


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  • Maybe go see a doctor...


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  • Go see a doctor.

    • I'm just worried that it's nothing special and that the doctors will think I'm just silly and paranoid. I don't want to waste their time, if it's just a normal headache. :/ So has it never happened to you?

    • If its happening pretty often, that's not normal and needs to be checked out.

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