Liars and why they lie?

So, recently broke it off with my ex. She was telling her guy friends and other ex that she couldn't stand me. Also told everyone I abused her and made fun of her health issues. Then was telling these guys how much she wanted them. When I confronted her she acted like it was nothing. Few days later she apologized and said she didn't know why she lied. Claims she doesn't have an excuse. Especially knowing that I sacrificed a lot in order to keep her health in check and made sure she had anything she wanted or needed. So, why lie about me and get involved with other guys?


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  • She is clearly not over you but DO NOT TAKE HER BACK. She lied to get your attention and to get over you by hoeing herself. Are you over her?

    • Yeah, I'm over her. She messaged me last night and apologized again. She then said she was thinking about offing herself. So I went to check on her. When I got there her ex was there and to find out the day before the 3rd guy was there.

    • oh wow. too much drama man. gtfo of her life and make sure you cut her off fr.

    • Yeah that's what I'm gonna do. Thanks for replying

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