Trying to get back with ex fiancé?

Ok so I'll start off by saying we ended things in early June after 6.5 years of dating. I tried fixing things in the months of June, July and early Aug. we went hot and cold talking, there was a little fricition between us so we went into NC.

Starting mid August we started talking again, "friendly" and we had our friendly hang outs. Now after talking all of August and getting on the up side of things she had asked me if I still wanted to go on Vacation which was end of aug. I said yes. We slept in same beds had our own room (went down with her family). 2nd night came in and there was sex and fooling around.. but was still light on the kisses and hand holding through the day.

After a few days the kisses came back like normal as if we were still together, holding hands and all. At this point it's like we never ended things.

Now we're home, been a few days now and the kisses and cuddles at night are still in play, and we still make plans for hangouts and such, even some future plan talk was even in convos like we talked about before we ended.

I noticed there's 1 or 2 other guys she's talking friendly too, nothing flirty but I know they are doing the typical guy thing like "hey beautiful" and such, I ignore it and pretend it's not there. I slipped it in there a few times and told her I loved her as we were with each other through out the day, and she does say it back.

So my question is do you all think I may have a chance of setting things right and is getting back together? Any pointers on some do's and dont's?


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  • You shouldn't try to get back. It's over dude.


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