Question for the guys but all answers welcome?

What makes it easy for a guy to move on? Whether it is seeing/dating/divorced/break up, why is it seemingly so much easier for men to move on and not women?


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  • Its never easy to move on everyone handles it differently, I can say its never easy unless you never loved them from the start.


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  • Ther are many women out there that think that men move on easily, but the truth is that it depends on the person. Like what the late great Richard Pryor said. "When women get their hearts broke they cry, men hold it in like it don't hurt, and walk around and get hit by trucks. People say "didn't he see that truck", he wouldn't have seen a 747 because his heart was broken!" Some men are hurt but you never see or hear about it because there's little to no sympathy for men, because we are MEN. So it's not that we move on easy, we move on because for the most part we have no other choice. There are men that get so into a woman and get dumped because he was clingy. Women are chased by men all the time, but choose not to move on because deep inside women want men to chase them. Men don't usually get chased by women. Women might think it's because of ego, but there are many, many women that have very big egos and don't want to lose at anything. Sometimes it hurts a woman more because she was planning to dump the guy at some point but he beat her to the punch and it hurts her ego, there are some guys that do the same thing. So it just depends on the person. Men have much more experiences with being dumped and rejected, so when we get used to it if ever, we move on easier, but it's mainly because we have no other choice. Women don't fall in our laps (unless there's an "equal" trade of value to the woman) and men just can't wait around, so moving on is the best option.

    • So men move on easier, find rebounds, then they decide they don't want the rebound, therefore upsetting another girl, and remaining heartbroken themself.

    • No not easier, men move on because they must. It's not even easy for many men to find rebounds. There are many women that do the same exact thing. Find good guys, leave them for jerks or ex boyfriends (sometimes intentionally just to have the feeling of hurting a man), stay "heartbroken", and have the nerve to acually complain about the jerks that they are attracted to. It just depends on the person, man or woman. There are women that move on very easily too...

  • no contact rule

  • Because we use our left side of the brain (and it's smaller).


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  • Guys don't attach their feelings to sex.


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