What means if a girl leave the same description on WhatsApp?

My ex hasn't changed the description on WhatsApp since we break up ( it may mean something ) it has past a year and 4 months


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  • People don't change their profile description after every little events because those are completely useless.

    It literally means nothing.

    As the guy said above, you gotta stop stalking, you're only hurting yourself doing so.

    • Before she changed the description every one or two months

    • And now she stopped caring about her description for a whole four months, safe to say she just forgot about it or isn't using the app anymore.

  • It means you need to stop checking up on yo ex and move on.

    • Yeah bro but everything I do is keep popping​ in my head ( I still have fellings for her

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    • No, I'm from Antarctica I grew up among the penguins.

    • Aha , Frozen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ,
      Joke , I think is nice you see snow everywhere, everyday

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