Man I just got a call from a girl I broke up four weeks ago with hailing a slur of insults and accusations. ... why?

I'm pretty comfortable being on my own, but I met this cool girl on tinder and we started talking. (I'm never getting on tinder again -_-) We get along really well and she is probably the best friend that is a girl I could have. About two months down the road, she wants to try dating. I say okay, lets see where this goes, but I'm not looking for anything serious right now and I think of you as a really good friend. I realize that this girl likes me more than I like her... it's like she only heard what she wanted from me.
|-_-|. I quickly tell her I want to break up as I don't want to string her along cause that's shitty. I make sure she is alright over the following weeks she texts me. I say I want space but she doesn't get it. I continue to hint at getting her to move on, but she doesn't fucking understand. So I block her number. She can't get a hold of me, problem solved. NOPE. She sends me a letter in the mail, cause she knows my address. (She is actually not getting the message) I don't reply and a few days later she messages my MOM ON INSTAGRAM. Like seriously, you messaged my mom to see if I was doing alright. So a few days later it brings us to tonight, where I got a call from her, with her friend's phone with a whole slew of accusations on why I am such a shitty guy and person and why I should go to hell and I'm just some fuck boy who fucks her and leaves... (We NEVER had sex). *sigh

Summary : (A guy venting about a girl.)

Thoughts on this situation? Or on what I might have done to ease the breakup with this girl?

I tried talking to her about things, but It was really hard because she would get defensive and attack me if I tried to be too real with her.


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  • I don't know what you could have done any different. I think she just really liked you. What made you break up with her? Were you dating? I can tell you I just laughed my ass off. 😆😆.


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