Do you think a man can heal and be fully recover after a break up?

There is this guy I like that I only met 2 years ago. This guy today is very apprehensive to develop relationships with women and last year he told me he was not interested in a relationship but only to be friends and I did not fully comprehend why, if being in a relationship or getting to know that person does not mean a soon marriage or a soon serious relationship, it is only getting to know well taht person. This guy told me 2 years ago that he was married for 4 years when he lived in another country but he got divorced. I mean he was married many years ago and lasted 4 years, no kids. Probably he was married back between 2010 and 2014 ( I did not know him back then).

I was checking this guy FB profile and he had left there old old messages and photos when he was more active in social media back in the years 2012 and 2014. In the messages there he posted, some of them were religious and spirtual quotes about God and Jesús and how Jesús was the onlye ONE who could change his heart. Then I found out other God quotes about strenght, e tc I found one from 2014 that got my attetion and said " Being single does not mean you dotn know anything about love it is more that you know enough about it so you dont waste time with anyone".

Now I believe this guy suffered a lot in those years I mention, maybe when he was married, maybe he had a bad marriage and only God help him through and the reason he posted on FB back in those years, positive messages about God message and how he can help people in need.

Is it posible that for what he went through like 4 years ago or 5yrs he has not fully healed emotionally and the reason why he says he likes to be single and have his freedom, not to be tied down and away from relationships drama and he does not believe in relationships. or he does not want to give a chance to meet girls and like them due to he does not want to go through the same thing he went through when he was married?
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Also I heard his parents were not also the happy couple, the father remarried like 3 times and also had some issues with his mom.

Can guys like this fully recover or they will remain single their whole life and close doors to any kind of relationships? This guy is currently 44 years old and of course he is currently single, no kids and he is not in any relationship now.
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When I said " a man can heal" I did not mean men as ithe general term of man and woman but I meant men as the male species.
Do you think a man can heal and be fully recover after a break up?
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