How can I stop myself from messaging my ex?

My ex and I broke up a month ago it's clear he doesn't want to be friends like I was hoping he would anyway long story short he told me to limit the amount of messages I send to him I'm trying respect his wishes and not disturb him but no matter how hard I try not too I still end up messaging him I can delete his number but that won't help me because I know his number of by heart

He also has not blocked my number not sure why


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  • Jep that's hard.. had it roughly the other way round. Sounds a Bit stupid but the only Thing that helps is time in guess.
    Try not to look at his profile and stuff like that. As soon as you manage to keep him off your everyday-life it gets better.

    • He doesn't have any social media

    • Hm, guess that could make it easier. This way you can't accidentaly stumble about him.
      It's hard to believe that life goes on after breaking up, especially when it was a long term relationship and you really thought it was THE one..
      I can only tell you that it's a long and sad process, eventually it gets better, week for week, month for month...

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  • Respect his wishes and yourself. The more you blow up his phone, the more irritated he will get and will push him away from you. I know it is so hard to stop messaging him but with strict discipline and will power, you can stop bothering him. Delete his number and block him. Let him miss you. :/ Make him wonder about you. Sorry :(


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  • Block him and delete your conversations.


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