Bad idea to send a letter to my ex?

It's fairly long, mostly a closure/goodbye letter to give us both peace and that i'd like to stay friends if he's ever up for that. That i'm sorry about the way I acted and I realize things now, that the emotions have cooled down and that I'm thankful for the impact he had on my life. I wish him well. I know that sometimes people are good, but not for each other.
I'm not expecting a reply and clealy stated that in the letter. Even though I wouldn't mind giving things a second chance I know that it takes two to work on that and it's time to let it rest. I just want him to know and that and try to end things civil because it's been going like that for five months and it never was completly over.


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  • Personally I'd do it because you might regret the things you don't say


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  • Ex's cause drama


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  • Do you want him or not?

    • I partly do, I wouldn't mind giving it another chance but it's difficult as we both weren't in the best situation when we started dating and had a lot of issues. It's difficult to oversee that, even if it has been resolved.

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    • Thank you <3 I guess it'll help even if its just to make him feel less guilty about what happened

    • you're welcome

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