I broke up with him - yet I'm doing all the thinking?

Lets just sum up the beginning - My ex was head over heals in love with me; as I was with him - however it was obvious his feelings were more. I ended it with him 8 months in - due to personal reasoning. We were friends after the breakup but we stopped talking for the past month no reason behind it no argument nothing - just stopped

I'm over the idea of being with my ex, it sucks because even if I try to stop thinking about him I can't. I work with his brother, he works with my brother. I can't help but wonder what's going on with him, what's new, just know what's up. Yet its not the same way.. how do I know this? Because once again, I'm surrounded by him - my brother tells me all the time about girls texting him pics and whatnot ..his brother telling me how he's going on dates and stuff. Its just getting to me, how come he can go on without and think about everything else ..yet here's me who's only thought pretty much on & off is him.

I'm just curious if there's any other person going through something like this, how do you deal with it? Do I forget it, Should I speak to him ..I'm so confused with it - its frustrating

- Thank You =)


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  • Its quite simple...you miss him being with you so to speak.


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  • Honestly, WTF is up with these brothers?! They are all up in you two's business where they don't belong! They need to shut the hell up and let you two move on. Tell them to stop talking about him all the time because you aren't together anymore, and you don't want to be.

    If you want to be friends with him, then YOU should go talk to him. See what he says. Respect his wishes, too. Don't be his friend if it hurts him. And tell the brothers to say out of it!


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