Girlfriend of 3 years just left me! I need help quick I don't want to lose her.

OK so there is this girlfriend I just recently got dumped by I am hurting I don't know what to do . I feel like I didn't treat her the best I could have, I have knows this girl since I was small and we spent every day for 3 years together she left me because she said she needs time to her self to go out and meet friends, because I haven't been going out with her to the beach and enjoying things often she has now been hanging out with a guy ever night late! I am not going to give up on her it has only been 2 weeks but it seems like they are getting serious, I have read up on on the Internet on how it says don't act like you care I can't do this, she knows how I feel she knows I want her back. I feel like sitting her down and letting her know I can change and we can start going out and having fun together, and I will get to know her family because I didn't before. She has seen a bit of change in me and sent me a text about it but I tried to ask her to go out and talk but she said she was busy and turns out she was with the other guy, please help me I don't know if its to soon tell her how much I care because she has been saying it looks like I'm having more fun without her when she know I'm just going out to show her I'm changing for her, I should have gotten a place with her when we talked about it I was just scarred to leave my family, she has talked to my mom and said that she still cares about me a lot she just doesn't know if we will get back together only time will tell, should I send her a letter letting her know how I feel

i want to show this girl I can change because , she knows I lover her and I know she still loves me, this is why I'm still going after her she has never done this before its always been me and her, I believe she will realize if I tell her ?
ok so she has been texting me some times, asking how I am , I see her around places. she said she's scared I won't change for good she has this new b.f but he's moveing, I wanna get her back so she liek show I have been changeing so far what's next?


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  • My mom has always said this and I have found it to be true, "they always come back." it might not be immediate but she will come back. She may find out that the grass isn't always greener. She knows how you feel, just let her be. Let her see what it is like without you around, let her come to you.

    • Wow when I read that it was a weird feeling because that grass is greener coment and the one that she will come back I ha have been talking to a lot of my friends about the break up and they says she will relize but I'm scared to take a chance and wiat and see because I can't lose this girl.. out bond is so strong we did everything togethor, she was with me every night my family made her dinner, ashe said she need stime then she goes with this other guy,, she sais to some one I know what shes

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  • Sometimes...girls do need their space. but to let her know that you still really care about her make her a powerpoint with cute pics of you guys and little quotes and inside jokjes and tell her how you feel! :)

    • Never thought of a power point I was thinking of writeing a letter because I am verry emotional about this id like to tell her it all in person but I wuould like her to be able to read it over, and I can't watch her walk away , she said when she broke up with me that it was just a break and we would get married one day and she loves me more then anything she just needs space to frind herself. I don't know what to do I'm scared

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  • She has moved on and you don't even know it... When a woman needs "space", she has thought about leaving for some time and she just has to figure the way to tell you that she's not feeling you. Staying around her will only give you false hope. She says that she wants to go out and meet people. In other words, she wants to meet other guys, play the field, and she wants to keep you as a "friend" for you to watch all of it. She wants to have her "fun" without you. She KNOWS that you love her and care for her, but look where that got you... Stop talking to this girl and start dating other girls asap. She can't miss you if you are always there... Move on and save yourself from misery. If she needed "time" or "space" then why is she with ANOTHER GUY one on one?!?!?! She's dating already, and in the back of her mind she is laughing at you because you're the nice guy that will always be there. You are worried about losing her? I got news for you, she has already left you. Stop chasing her, she is getting her fix from that. Don't wait for her, start dating other women.

    • I relise this is what is prob happening but I can't accept it:( this girl is differnt I know when you hear me say that you think I'm nuts but she is.the issue was when she was with me we dident really go out and do that many fun things so I think she's going hanging out with this guy to experience it. I can't give up on this girl I want to get married one day to her and she feels that way to she still tells people she cares about me alot, I want to send a letter telling ehr how I feel, no pressure andsee

    • Sending the letter will make no difference because she already KNOWS how you feel. So every time she feels she wants a experience that you are not giving her she will go to someone else to get it? Of course she "cares about you", but if she really wanted to be with you she wouldn't have left you to do things with other men. She cares as a "friend", don't fall for that... She has moved on. Chasing her will push her away more. Start dating other girls asap.

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