My ex-boyfriend wants me back and I'm not sure if we should. The truth is I want to, but I'm afraid... is it right thing to do?

We met last year at uni. First, I wasn't really keen on him that much, but in the end we got together and it was fine. We've been togerther for like 1,5 month and he had to leave for 3,5 months for internship. He came back and we started dating again. I need to mention that he was my first proper boyfriend. During our relationship we had very little dates, more like going to parties. Even there we were more separate. I felt like sth is missing, I felt insecure and there were little things bothered me. But I had to admit I wasn't the best girlfriend either. After 5 months I had to go for Erasmus for other 5 months. Before we spent 2 weeks together at his place, and it was great, but in the end, we were little distant and even sex wasn't that good. We decided go on the break, while I was away. We were in touch, and he wrote me that he can't imagine being with another girl. I kinda wanted to break up, but we decided we're gonna try it again, when I come back. A month before my return he wrote me, he found another girl. I was totally broken. After I returned, our group of friends went for hiking and we met. Both of us could feel that sparkle again, we talked and cuddle a little, I missed him a lot. But he had that girlfriend. After he wrote me, that he misses me and all the nice stuff. We talked a lot about it and we stayed in touch. He broke up with his current girlfriend. She's going for a half a year on Erasmus now, but he's telling me, he did it bc of me. We are going to meet in 2 weeks irl. I miss him, but he hurt me, he found a girl behind my back, I'm afraid he just can't be single, I came righ after his previous girlfriend too. We had few problems, but nothing serious, I kinda can imagine being with him in the future. He said he realized he wasn't treating me right and that he's gonna respect me more. But I don't know if I can trust him. Also maybe I feel like I should experience more, before settling down, he's my first one. What do you think, should I try it?


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  • If you're having doubts then tell him


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