Why is my ex still curious?

My girlfriend of 18 months decided to break up with me about 6 weeks ago because she lost the love she had with me. I'm still in major shock because this is the same girl that had been obsessed with me throughout the relationship and was still referring to future plans like travelling and getting married around 2 months ago. I randomly checked my Facebook security log in and found out she had been going on there and snooping around, I found 2 ip addresses that linked to her workplace and her house. I asked to meet her not long ago so I could gain closure and justify how we went from soulmates to strangers in a matter of weeks, I then confronted her about going on my Facebook and she just claimed she is just being 'nosy'

since then I have changed my password and applied the no contact rule! Does my ex still have feelings for me?


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  • yes she has feelings for you

    • I've been pestering her for over a month now, haven't given her any space or time to miss me! Do you think using the no contact rule will do any good?

    • yes. make her wonder about you. you have to change your email address on facebook so she cannot try to change password and mess it up. of course she still has feelings for you coz obviously she gaf enough to snoop in your account :/

    • Thanks for your advice!

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