Is she afraid that she'll fall for me?

I've been talking to a girl and I like her a lot, she knows that for about 4 years now. But its more like an On-Off friendship thing, if something like that even exists. She keeps on blocking me without any reason that I know of. Last time she just blocked me while we were chatting on a good topic. Just today, she texted me saying she wanted to talk to me, told me she has a boyfriend and I should not like her, which I still really do. After talking for about 2 hours, she blocked me again after telling me how sorry she was for blocking me now and before. She told me that she was afraid she might hurt me in the future. But Im really confused, and pissed. Can anyone help me understand what the hell is going on?


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  • Despite her warnings and endless blocks, you still like her.

    • Well she is cute. And also, in the last 7 years, she is the only one who understood me. Or so I think

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