My boyfriend wants me to leave him, when things getting tough?

I've been almost 2 years in a relationship with a guy and live together. we have talked about marriage and he wants to have a future with me, but it's seems like a nightmare for me. He recently bashed me with words "I can't get married" and of course it makes me wondering what's going wrong while last month he just gave me a surprise by taking me to the fancy hotel downtown, romantic dinner and buy me pretty expensive gift for my birthday. I've been wondering about what the heck is going and eventually I know that he is gonna lost his job sooner or later meanwhile he told me that he can't trust anyone anymore after his (ex) wife left him and confessing that she see someone else in his miserable condition (he was financially unstable in that time). He also told me that he thought he can make things work in our relationship but he realize that he can't help it. he doesn't want to get married with anybody no more.

I can even tell that he loves me so much, he cares about me a lot that's. I can understand that he is afraid can't makes me happy and it might end up like his previous marriage if we both get married. He asked me to find someone else for my better future and convince me that I may get someone better than him but he still treat me like everything is all right. I cried almost everyday ( I really hate this, I don't like when people see im crying and look weak) but he always be there to hug me without saying a words. I still stay in his place, and i know it's uncomfortable. I asked him whether he wants me to stay in his house or leave. He said it's up to me but it will makes me sick even more and he won't make up his mind. He wants me to say "im done" because he isn't strong enough to say that to me. I love him very much and i can't make a choice. It's so hard to leave him because it will cause me pain while if I stay it will hurts me even more. It's a dilema.
I'm still hoping that he will change his mind when things get better. i don't know what to do


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  • Honey first of all hang in there and be tough cause sometimes the right thing and the hardest thing r the same thing if he truly loves then he will over come his fear of marriage he wouldn't make u suffer for some one else's mistake my advice leave and find some one that is fearless when it comes to loving u cause love is blind it cannot be intimidated

  • He doesn't love you at all. He's wanting you to leave because he's too much a pussy to breakup himself. That way you're the bad one. What do you think of him now?

    • He loves me i know, he sacrifice a lot for me
      I can see in his eyes that he is also in pain.
      Your opinion is rude, but thanks

    • Have fun with that

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