Ex sends email: Read the tea leaves please. What does it mean?

Ex fiancé left do to challenges with her and my kids - it's tough blending a family. Only communications have been on how to manage separating stuff (aside from
mine). Four weeks after the breakup she sends me an email with info helpful for onenof my kids pursuits. Is it a softening of heart, or just info because she happened across it? ... not her normal approach.
  • It means you received an email. Get over it and move on!
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  • It means she is beggining to realize she wants to be with you.
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  • It means she is wondering if maybe she wants to be you you again.
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  • It means something you've completely missed. I'll tell ya laterer
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  • It means... ah... just show me the answers
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  • You can care about someone and not want to be with them. Her children (and yours) ought to always come first.

    • I had a poorly worded question. No challenges eith her kids. Challenges between her and my kids.

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