Was it wrong to break up with my girlfriend?

Me and my (now ex) girlfriend were together about 4 months. It was long distance but we saw each other somewhat often, every two weeks or so. I broke up with her today after I went through a depressive episode and she wasn't there for me. It's not that she doesn't care about me, it's just that she isn't present enough. I feel awful about leaving her because I like her, but I also have to consider my mental and emotional health.


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  • For me, if you don't love her yes just broke up but be honest about your reason. But leaving her because she was not with you when you need her is not a good reason enough, because for me not all the time these people that we love and those who care for us could come whenever we need them. You don't know, maybe she really wanted to be with you those times. Coz I've been there. I wanted to be with this guy but I couldn't. 😔

    • I find it to be a fair reason. My mental health was suffering, and although not really her fault, I couldn't rely on her.

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    • So he wanted sex and you broke up with him?

    • It's not like that. I'm not into sex thing, I could live life without that actually lol. But whenever I love someone, I just want to do what would make him happy. But yeah I broke up with him still. I think it's for the best. And as a woman, I think I should've not done sex.

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