Should I completely ignore my ex girlfriend or respond back to her then ignore?

My girlfriend of 5 months who I thought was amazing turned out to be a piece of crap. She is 20 and I am 23 and she really showed her true colors at the end. Found out she was sending her ex boyfriend photos of herself at night, lying to me about where she was going out at night and who she was with and many more lovely lies. I told her to get lost and I have ignored her for a week. She came begging back saying she will change and do whatever it takes to prove to me that she will change. So fine I started talking to her again, and within 24 hours she went right back to pulling the same crap. So I said enough is enough and stopped talking to her. Its been a few days and I thought she FINALLY would stop contacting me but I was wrong...she sent me this very long, very insulting text message wasted drunk. Apparently I am immature, I have no balls, I will not be successful in life, I should feel insecure if "I know what she means" lol, she talks to her guy friends and they said I was a "baby" for getting mad about her ex, and plenty more moron insults. So my question is its bluntly obvious she is trying to get a rise out of me and trying to get me worked up so I would respond. The fact that she is out getting blasted drunk every night shows she is going crazy that I am not talking to her especially because she never drank like this before lol. So what would be the ultimate stick up her ass? Responding back with one final tell her like her? (I know that's not best) OR what I really want to do is not respond ever ever ever ever no matter what and let her going insane that she can't even get a rise out of me. What do you think will that work? Please no offense no sappy answers I am looking for blunt brutal payback taking the mature route. Thanks a lot!


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  • Never respond no madder what insane things she says. She's immature and she's going to be even more p*ssed off that you're not texting her back. She's going to be waiting and waiting with her phone in her hands, still waiting for you to text her back, but that text will never come. So she'll probably will text you again saying the same things just encase the text was failed to be sent, and she'll wait some more and yet no text. This will drive her in to insanity, which will end with you laughing silently to yourself knowing this is happening with her being clueless.

    **Sorry if I'm dramatic, I enjoy payback**


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  • You should do NO CONTACT. She is unstable and a waste of your energy. If you can, block her number so she can't call or text you. She might keep it up for a while, but these people usually thrive on ANY reaction they get from you. Any reaction you give will only encourage her and feed her twisted ego. She has issues. You don't need to make them yours.

  • Nermalinda said it all! No contact is the way to go. It will drive her a bit insane, but it' will also allow you to move on. If her contacting you tempts you to respond, do what nermalinda said and block her. Although it seems like you'd prefer to sit back and enjoy the show.


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