Indian behavior question?

why one day would u say hi another nothing but look and in a way that I can't read yr mind, ? This is something only familiar to Indian guys maybe as I d not had this behavior from other race ever


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  • we Indians r confusing sometimes. the language , social ethics , the things that people tell us to do / forced to do, and many things contribute to thinkings and then it affects our behaviour

  • I'm assuming you are not Indian. If you are, skip reading the essay.

    We don grow up saying hi everyday. But yes we do smile at each other and do not pass a vibe , I'm ignoring you, unless something is wrong. We also appreciate if the person we say 'hi' to, comes forward and care to say 'hi' to us. If it's a girl, it's wise to do that sometimes. We have comparitively reserved society in India. So interacting with a girl plays too many tricks in a guy's mind, if he is decent. 'will she think of me as someone I'm not?' ' what if she ignores me?' N ya overall saying hello everyday is not a must. We rather go for a short conversation if we meet each other on our way, like, 'hey, heading to market?' 'No, just going to pick up the kids'. One liners with a smile. A question n an answer. A way of saying hello.


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