How many of you wold talk to someone, who stopped talking to you for no apparent reason a few years ago?

You had liked them for a year before you actually talked to them. You did not talk to them, before that , because you mistakenly thought they did not want to talk to you. Finally you guys actually meet & you find out they did not NOT like you- they simply did not know you existed. Now that they met you ,they seem to like u, you guys hit it off very well ,very quickly. You date for 1 week, then they kind of drift off , no explanation,then they leave the country 2 weeks later- which you knew about/ were expecting before dating. ( they talk to you the day they leave..but its still confusing)

It is now 3 years later they are back in town you are in, & after the two of you ignoring each other for about 6 months , they are trying to talk to u- even to hang out at some point- what do you do- how do you feel about it , about holding a grudge , about being friends, about trusting them etc?


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  • Personally, in that situation I'd try not to hold a grudge. There was no apparent reason for them to disappear, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a good reason. Someone can also grow up, or change a lot in the three years since you last knew them.

    On the flip side, they may be exactly the same and disappeared for no good reason, but there is only one way you'll ever find out one way or the other than that's to give them a second chance.


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