Opinions and advice regarding weird breakup?

I dated a girl for about six months. One week, she tells me she thinks she loves me, the next week she says she needs time to think about where she is. I say ok and give her a couple of days. She asked me to cone to her place and begins to tell me that she feels more connected to me than anybody that she has ever met. She breaks down in tears and says that there is something deep down, telling her that something is off. Because of this she doesn't want to continue any further. I say ok and then leave. Ahe grabs me as I'm about to leave and tells me that she wants us to stay friends. I tell her to smile and stop crying... I will be ok. She gives me a couple of long hugs and gives me one last kiss.

What does it mean? Has any girl or guys went through something similar? What has been the end result so far?


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  • The only time I've done this is when I was trying to save his feelings. When in reality I was being weak and dishonest.
    Say a guy is really great on paper, has done nothing to make you think badly of him and is genuinely interested but there is just *something* that doesn't connect you to him - call is chemistry or whatever you associate that with - it's so hard to end it. You don't want to hurt his feelings and need him to know he's amazing and all of that, but it's just not the relationship for you.

    Then by asking you to be friends we alleviate our own guilt of hurting your feelings, because if you still like us enough to remain friends then it's all good right?
    Age and hindside has shown me it's incredibly selfish for women to ask this of a man she's just dumped. No one has to stay in a relationship when they don't want to, but when you're the instigator in ending a relationship it's going to hurt the others feelings, particularly if there was thought to be a future.

    My end result has always been trying to be friends, them not getting over their feelings as quickly as I did and my "being friendly" leads them to believe I'm flirting or wanting to start something up again.
    If I was ever single again and came up to this scenario, I'd end it and not see them again for quite a long time and if a friendship blossomed afterwards then great. If not nothing was lost and no ones time was wasted with mixed signals


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