Opinions and advice regarding weird breakup?

I dated a girl for about six months. One week, she tells me she thinks she loves me, the next week she says she needs time to think about where she is. I say ok and give her a couple of days. She asked me to cone to her place and begins to tell me that she feels more connected to me than anybody that she has ever met. She breaks down in tears and says that there is something deep down, telling her that something is off. Because of this she doesn't want to continue any further. I say ok and then leave. Ahe grabs me as I'm about to leave and tells me that she wants us to stay friends. I tell her to smile and stop crying... I will be ok. She gives me a couple of long hugs and gives me one last kiss.

What does it mean? Has any girl or guys went through something similar? What has been the end result so far?
Opinions and advice regarding weird breakup?
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