Do you think ex will ever contact me again?

Broke up with ex in July because I couldn't handle the sexual pressure, he was talking to me less, being disrespectful, and not caring anymore. He agreed to keep his distance so hr wouldn't hurt me anymore. Saw him at a concert in August where he was with a new girl. Tried to make me jealous, acted like he didn't even know me. This hurt so bad. Thought he would never contact me again until two weeks ago when he sent me a "breadcrumb" that said "hey how are you?" at 1 in the morning. Ignored it because I was shocked. The next two days, he asked me if he should delete my # since I didn't reply. I ignored it because he simply could delete my number without telling me. The next day, he then asked me to just say yes so he can delete my #. Ignored it and that was that.
I want to see what he had to say, but the way he was still being pressuring scared me. I honestly do miss him as we dated for eight months. I


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  • He might, impossible to tell but since he messaged you like this he definitely might do it again. The question is whether or not chasing this relationship is a good idea. Generally if it was meant to be you wouldn't have broken up in the first place.

    • True. It's just that sex was the main issue as I am a virgin but he's not. I doubt he changed.. and this was my first boyfriend ever too.

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    • Well if it was a great relationship other than the thing about sex then it could be worth it to talk to him about it and see if you could come to a compromise. But if he is in a relationship right now and still trying something with you then that's a huge red flag. If he's willing to cheat on his current girl or dump her just like that for another girl, he could just as well do the same for you.

    • I know. My friends told me it's probably a rebound since it was only four weeks after the breakup. But who knows if they were talking throughout our relationship? He always talked about how I made him happy, how I'm different, and even talked marriage so I'm confused. I wish he would state what he want instead of just jumping to deleting my #

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