Was it my fault we broke up?

Im in an Ldr and we've had issues over spending time with each other.

There have been instances in the past where I got annoyed and mad at him cause he didn't have enough time for me. We talked through it and he said its cause of the time difference and he wants to spend more time together but its hard.

For the past month he was really busy. he's told me he's sorry he's busy but it got to the point we were just texting each other good morning and good night without anything much to say. We hadn't talked to each other at all on the phone just texts. The texts were getting shorter and he was replying slower too.

One week, I was expecting to talk to him on the weekend but he hadn't told me he was going to be busy. He saw my texts but didn't reply because he was in a rush.

I got annoyed at that and he got annoyed back saying he needs to live his own life too and can't text me all the time like he's said before because we're not together.

I apologised but he started being really cold to me for the whole week after. I was trying really hard to make up but he was being cold and distant. He got annoyed if I asked if he had time to talk.

I asked him if there was anything he wanted to say. He stopped replying to me all together. The next day I broke up with him, I sent him a text. He saw the texts 4 days later and still hasn't replied.

I know I broke up with him and I feel like he was thinking the same, but I keep feeling like maybe it was my fault? If I hadn't bothered him it wouldn't have ended like this.


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  • It is a good choice, boyfriend who has no time for you is no good, he doestn want to talk to you obviously so you just did him a favor actually so leave him be and move on. It will be better for you. And actually dont give a fuck for such an asshole!


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