How to forget somone I never had?

So i actually love the girl for 8 years and i love her deeply the problem is actually all these years she necer loved me back at all and im sure of that and for all these years i've been next to her as a bestfriend.. she is causing me so much harm but i don't know i feel like beeing next to her taking care of her makes me happy i have a very good heart i would say so and i can't get mad at her even though she done such bad things. Whenever we fight and i say now its the perfect time to forget her she calls me on phone and say sorry guys its getting so hard and realy want to move on and find someone else... im even helping her with her boyfriend thats how dumb i am help me?


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What Girls Said 1

  • This shit hurts so much. I am so sorry. You have to be strong and stand up for yourself. You cannot be her emotional punching bag.

    • Im afraid of how much time it will take... she don't even respect my feelings at all she say such bad things...

    • do not be afraid to get yourself out of that situation. you cannot force someone to love you. love yourself first.

What Guys Said 2

  • Your behavior its not normal, you are doing this to yourself and have no self worth.
    She has her own life, ''separate life''. You have your own and she doesn't owe you anything.
    doesn't matter if you love her now or loved her for 8 years, she is not your girlfriend of your wife. If this its painful, which you stated that yes it is, then walk away.

    What, that hurts you? Well you are an adult and so is she. She will be ok and she also has a boyfriend.
    I suggest you move on with your life and better your life instead.

  • So she friend zoned you to the max. Wow


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