How do I stop contact with him without feeling any regrets?

I keep contact with my ex and he texts me everyday but my family says he is not for me (kind of a sociopath) and said I could not see him. But everytime I block him/stop contact I feel guilty and sad for him. So I come back. How can I stop contact without feeling any regret? I just can't be completely away from him.


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  • You will never completely forget him. You just moved forward with a conscious decision

    • yes true, when I say "completely forget" i mean, do not care about him anymore.

    • I feel you there, and it's hard. There are reason beyond family you ditched this chap, focus on that, and stop talking to him

    • to press the "block" button is harder than it seems, but I will soon. Thank you.

Most Helpful Girl

  • cut all contacts with him I mean ALL. No stalking on his social media. No talking to his friends and family. How can you move forward if he keeps pulling you backwards? My ex kept in contact with me for months after break up coz he wanted to be friends with me. But it doesn't work out. Because we still acted like lovers but we both know it's stupid. Sometimes the ex will even use you to get over you by stringing you along. Before you know he finally moved on to someone new while you were nursing his broken heart after break up. When he finally leaves you for good for that new person, you'll be left alone licking your own wounds while he living the life without you

    • i think he does talk to me cause i always accepted him the way he is, and i dont think with the problems he has is not everyone whos gonna be with him for such long time. so im like the only option atm maybe, even tho i brokeup, but never said it was because of such problems.

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  • By not feeling sad or guilty for him.
    Thats the only way.


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  • I think the best way is to completely cut off all contact. It's hard and you might want to message him. But just do it, after a while you'll get stronger and be able to forget him when he's not contacting you

    • i did this before but the guilt is so big that i always come back. if i do block him again i know its the very last time i will talk to him. cause no one is that pacient i think, to accept back again and again.

    • Well think of it like this. You were born into this world alone and even if you marry this man and spend the rest of your life with him. You'll die alone. You're responsible to no one but yourself and your own happiness and well being, so if this person is a drain on you and you mental/physical well being you have to force yourself to be strong without him, which means cold turkey. If he isn't, maybe some time apart where you both agree not to speak to eachother for a few months and if he respects those boundaries, that shows you a person that will help you be the best person you can be. If not, you'll move forward stronger.

      It's quite cynical but you have to look after yourself at the end of the day, no one else.

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