Is my ex boyfriend playing games?

We broke up around a month ago completely out of nowhere, we had never argued or had any bad moments, it was a short term relationship and we both seemed extremely happy. So I was confused and hurt but I wasn't going to chase or fight it and look stupid. After a week he started liking all my posts on social media, two weeks was telling me he wants me back, three weeks he misses me, regrets everything and loves me and then finally I spoke to him. We agreed to get back together as nothing had gone wrong but I just want to properly talk to him about things. That talk never happened, he never allowed it to. We were back together for four days where he mainly ignore me until I had to TEXT him to break up with him. I never got a response.

Less than a week afterwards and he's back to liking all of my posts on Facebook. I doubt he wants to be friends, and I feel like he's doing it to get my attention or something. However I don't want to delete him from Facebook. But I don't recognise this guy compared to who I was with. I really wanted him back until all of this. Is he playing games?


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  • It's NEVER out of nowhere there were signs you chose to ignore. Now he just wants to use you as a backup plan till or when he can't find someone else to fuck. Never have anything to do with an ex forever. You've been warned


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