Ex wants to be in contact but no touching at all?

I had a 1 year romantic relation with someone but she had to marry someone else due to property cases. After remaining 1 year in marriage she got divorces.
Now she is always texting me like she wants to come back but when i ask her for meet up she refuses. She says that she should not do that now. But she is constantly texting me and asking for my photos etc.
I am confused what the hell is going on


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  • It seems like you are still being used. Why would someone initiate a conversation and flirtatious by asking for photos and refuses to meet up. If I were you I would leave it as is you have an ex for a reason you were not chosen to be together for her reason so move on. the day the person is really serious about you and wants to meet up is when you can pay more attention to that person right now they are a waste of time If they can't give you what you want but get what they want

    • I am trying not to talk to her. Is it rude or something

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    • Yeah a no for now... until they get their stuff together IF anything.. show her you are stronger than that.. you wnt run back along because than that person will know they can do whatever they want to you and you will come running back

    • :* for that comment

  • She is going through a divorce right now. She wants you but she needs to sort shit out before getting back together.

    • So i should not ask for meet up and should have hope for meeting soon. Right?

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    • There you go.

    • 👋 high five

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