My ex girlfriend wants my attention. Why can't she leave me alone and stop playing games?

She broke up with me over 3 months ago. Right after she broke up with me, i went straight into no contact. She is always hot and cold, tries to grab my attention and teases me, flirts with other guys in front of me, and so on.

I see her quite a bit as we kinda work together and last night, my friend said she kept looking at me.

I know she wanted me to chase her in the beginning. People who have seen us in the same room together notice that she is playing mind games and see that I just try to keep my distance and focus on myself.

Like why can't she leave me alone? She is he one who broke up with me and needed space!

My question is, why does she have to play mind games? what does she want? what is the purpose?


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  • If she broke up with you she realizes now she wants what she cnt have at the moment. So she is trying to get your attention this attention could be just to see if she still has you wrapped around her finger. If she truly wants to be with you she will need to work hard for you.. you didn't leave her she left you.. so if I were you I would act like everything she does doesn't bother you ignore it.. and maybe than she will be more serious about telling you how she feels.. how she messed up etc.. instead of playing games.. in all honesty if it were me I wldnt be with that person again.. if they can just get with a person.. break up than try again.. that relationship is unhealthy and down the road it can be a cycle for only you to be left heartbroken


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  • Haha 😂

    Leave her and move on now


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