Why can't I get this off my mind?

I was in a relationship and to be honest, it was not a good one. We had to sneak around to be together and there was a lot of lying to be with each other. That ended about 2 months ago but I can't get her off my mind... I just keep thinking about what I had with her and I feel depressed and down because I don't have her anymore. And things are so bad between her and I that we could never be together... I can't move on. And I find myself crying over it. She was truly my first love but I can't keep doing this to myself. How do I move on?


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  • Why you could never be together? How long was the relationship? And what ended the relationship?
    If she was truly your first love and you really wanna be with her then you should think about how to make it work again, otherwise you will regret it in the future...
    If you broke up because of some problems between you two, or some problems you can't solve now, then you should try to move on. Try to hang out with friends or doing anything else that can distract you.

    • It was only for about 8 months. It ended because she started to cheat on me with another guy. It started as just a break, but she stopped texting me and we didn't hang out.

    • You said you had to sneak around to be together? What was that all about

    • Ummm so our parents didn't like us seeing each other... But that didn't stop us.

  • What happened so bad that you guys can't talk anymore?


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