I got so drunk and I was behaving so stupid how can I fix than?

I was at my home party and I met the guy I love that we were separated for a few months.. I got so drunk to the point I acted so stupid said all the stupid things u can imagine I was waiting this day so bad but I screw it up with my behavior.. next day morning he text me said I wasn't attractive and he didn't like my attitude. I felt so bad.. have anyone had similar experience what shall I do with that how can I fix that.. I'm so hurt I told him I feel so bad he was rude and said he can't feel pity for someone hurt herself.. I feel so bad cause when I'm sober I'm so elegant and totally different..


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  • Say nothing, just don't repeat it. He'll realise it was uncharacteristic when you show better character consistently
    A piece of advice I too need to practice, makes people more receptive to it when it's that what I preach

  • Go near to him nd hug him and say taht u love him nd kiss him


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